This is my first blog and I will be commenting on various things we see in the field. My hope is that I can give you a few pointers on keeping your dock well maintained and looking good.

The first topic I would like to cover is boat lift maintenance. In florida we have mud daubers, which is a type of wasp that builds it’s nest with mud and unfortunately sometimes in older hoist motors. When Mud Daubers have invaded your hoist motor the motor will hum and act like it is only getting limited power. If it does turn over, you might notice dust coming out of the vents. Newer motors are now sealed and prevent this problem.  We have tried, taking down the motors and blowing them out but it never seams to be a long term solution. I recommend replacement of the motor with a new style sealed motor.

Another important thing is to  manage the lift cables, try not to allow them to tangle and overlap on them selves. They should neatly wind on the drive pipe and if they don’t the cables should be unwound and rewound on the pipe neatly. One word of caution, wear some thick gloves, sometimes the cables can have sharp edges that cut easily.

The last thing I will comment on is voltage drop. This occurs when the wire supplying current to the motor is not big enough. One common symptom is the motor will only lift the boat a little out of the water but than just runs out of power to keep lifting it. Test the voltage at the motor with the motor running, if the voltage is dropping, there are a 3 options. Replace the wire with a heavier gauge wire,  Rewire to 220 volts, or change the mechanical leverage with a snatch block or lower gear plate. We have had the best luck with rewiring the motors to 220volts.